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When You Need to Contact the DVLA


For those who don’t know it yet, DVLA comes from Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and they are the main authority in this area. You can’t drive a car unless you have a driving license, and for all the info regarding it, you’ll need to use the DVLA contact number. They have all the info about what you need for driving a car, how to get car insurance, what papers you need to get ready and a lot more.

Your safety is the most important thing when you drive a car, and you can’t neglect this aspect, no matter how old you are. The DVLA contact number is ready for you whenever you have questions about driving licenses or car insurances, as they’re the central authority that deals with them.

edinburgh-tailbackLet’s see some of the things that DVLA can do for you.

Log Books and Vehicle Registration

DVLA can assist you in getting the registration for your car or providing the log book. If you sell the car, if you buy a new car or if you transfer the proprietary rights to someone else, you need to notify DVLA for issuing the proper documents. All the info must be kept up to date, and you are responsible if you don’t notify them. The fine can be up to £1000, and it’s not worth it since you can change the address for free.

DVLA can also help you if you take the car off the road – they issue the SORN, and this will stop the tax paying process for you. They also have the possibility to cancel your vehicle tax and get you a refund in some situations.

The services that you find from them include issuing license numbers. They have a list of number plate suppliers, so you can check it to find one that is closer to you. There’s also the possibility to get a personalized vehicle registration number or to buy a customized registration number. Consider insurance providers for your car too. Find out about insurance providers on biz contact number.

Getting the Driving License

To be able to take a car and drive it, you need to respect several rules and regulations. First of all, you need to be of age, and you also need to have a driving license. Traveling by car is impossible if you don’t respect these two rules, so you’ll have to contact DVLA for more information about it.

However, to get your driving license, you’ll have to take an exam, and you’ll also need to learn how to drive and ride. There are several things that you have to do before you can drive a car or even ride a motorbike. You will need to have the appropriate driving license, have the legal age for driving and also have good eyesight. The last thing is for making sure that you’re not color-blind. driving-testThe people who have this affection can’t distinguish red from green, so they won’t be able to see the lights on the streets.

The Address and the Car Information

If you want to drive your car, you need to have all the papers in order. It is possible only if you keep the information up to date whenever you sell the car, buy a new car or change the address where you live. Sometimes, all that people need is to change the driving license when it expires, as this is the most frequent situation.

The main reason for contacting DVLA is because they need to keep the information up to date so that you can have a driving license with your current address, along with vehicle registration and also car tax. When you change your address, you can still drive your car, but you have a short period to notify DVLA about it unless you want to pay the fine.